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About us

Our journey began with a vision to bridge the gap between hidden expertise and deserved recognition. In the digital age, where content is king, countless professionals possess invaluable knowledge that remains unheard, unseen, and unappreciated

Our mission was clear – to illuminate these hidden gems of expertise, transforming everyday professionals into recognized thought leaders in their respective fields.

The idea took root when our founder, Netanel Baruch, noticed a recurring pattern – brilliant minds shying away from the spotlight, not for the lack of insight, but due to the daunting intricacies of digital marketing. Netanel, a veteran in the marketing-tech world with a passion for content marketing, saw an opportunity. 

Queue was born out of this need for democratization. Our platform is a testament to the belief that thought leadership should not be a privilege but an accessible tool for every professional. We blend cutting-edge AI with intuitive design to streamline the journey from being an expert to becoming a go-to source in any niche.

Our team is a melting pot of creativity and technical expertise, united by the common goal of amplifying voices. From product developers and AI specialists to content strategists and customer success champions, every member of Queue is dedicated to empowering users to share their insights far and wide.

The traction we’ve gained speaks volumes of the latent need we’re addressing. With a significant revenue run rate and an eagerly awaited product launch on the horizon, Queue stands at the forefront of redefining professional branding in the digital age.

Our partners and investors, including AnD Venture, 25Madison, and Quora, have been instrumental in this journey. Their belief in our vision and support in our endeavors has propelled us forward, enabling us to reach greater heights.

As we continue to grow, our commitment remains unwavering – to ensure that every expert has the platform and the tools to share their wisdom with the world. Join us in this revolution. Let’s make knowledge accessible, one thought leader at a time.

For collaborations, inquiries, or to simply learn more about how Queue can transform your online presence, reach out to us. We’re here to help you make your mark.

Our amazing team that work hard everyday to help this mission come true

Netanel Baruch

Co-Founder & CEO

Doron Feder

Co-Founder & CPO

Jonathan Czyzyk


Jake McMahon

Product marketing

Natanel Baruch

Full stack developer

Jonah Lecker

Success & Growth Lead 

Dror Navon

Full stack developer


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