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Master LinkedIn with Brad Zomick’s Proven 3-Step Strategy for Thought Leadership

Learn how to establish yourself as a go-to thought leader on LinkedIn with Brad Zomick's actionable strategies and proven formula for success.

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Jake McMahon

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On April 18th, 2023, top experts in their fields gathered at One Vanderbilt in New York City for an engaging event focused on becoming go-to thought leaders in their respective niches. Among the impressive lineup of speakers was Brad Zomick, founder and chief storyteller at Spectamur, a LinkedIn thought leadership and audience growth shop. Brad’s keynote, titled “Mastering a LinkedIn Presence,” left a lasting impression on the audience, providing actionable insights and strategies for developing a strong founder brand on the platform.

You can watch Brad’s full keynote for free. In our full, unredacted event replay you will find 5 insight-packed keynotes from top experts. It’s an hour of actionable LinkedIn thought leadership tips you don’t want to miss!

Brad Zomick: A Seasoned Marketer with a Proven Track Record

With over 12 years of experience in B2B SaaS and a background in helping executives establish their presence since 2012, Brad Zomick is a seasoned marketer who has witnessed the changing landscape of inbound marketing firsthand. As a reformed entrepreneur, Brad has shifted his focus to LinkedIn, recognizing the platform’s potential for building thought leadership and driving organic leads.

Throughout his career, Brad has helped numerous executives and founders establish their presence on platforms like Forbes and Inc. However, around 2017, he noticed a significant shift towards LinkedIn as a powerful tool for building personal brands and engaging with target audiences. This realization led him to develop a proven formula for success on the platform, which he shared with the attendees at the NYC Meet Up for Experts.

Mastering a LinkedIn Presence: Brad’s Step-by-Step Guide

During his keynote, Brad emphasized the importance of mastering a LinkedIn presence in today’s digital landscape. He provided a step-by-step guide for developing a strong founder brand on the platform, highlighting three key elements: connections, content, and comments.

1. Developing Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn

Brad stressed the significance of building an intentional network on LinkedIn. He advised attendees to connect with people they can sell to or work with, depending on their goals. By strategically growing their network, experts can create a solid foundation for establishing thought leadership and attracting organic leads.

  • Connect intentionally: Focus on connecting with people you can potentially work with or sell to.
  • Connect at scale: Aim for 100+ connection requests per week to expand your network strategically.

2. Crafting Compelling Thought Leadership Content

Sharing Unique Ideas and Perspectives Creating valuable content is crucial for establishing a strong presence on LinkedIn. Brad encouraged attendees to share their ideas about how they do work better, their product and services, and their vision for the future. He emphasized the importance of developing unique points of view that differentiate oneself from others in the industry.

Brad’s top tips for creating impactful content:

  • Share unique ideas and perspectives: Offer insights on how you improve work processes, your products/services, and your vision for the future.
  • Develop a distinct point of view: Differentiate yourself from others in your industry by expressing original thoughts and opinions.
  • Repurpose existing content: Maximize your efforts by turning blog posts, webinar slide decks, and other materials into LinkedIn posts.

3. Engaging to Stand Out on LinkedIn

Commenting on others’ posts is a powerful way to initiate conversations and build relationships on LinkedIn. Brad highlighted the importance of engaging in meaningful discussions, as these interactions often lead to direct messages and, eventually, commercial agreements. By consistently providing valuable insights and engaging with others, experts can establish themselves as go-to thought leaders in their niches.

  • Comment on others’ posts: Initiate conversations and build relationships by leaving thoughtful comments on relevant posts.
  • Engage in discussions: Respond to comments on your posts and participate in discussions to foster engagement and connection.

The Power of Conversation in Driving Commerce

One of the key takeaways from Brad’s keynote was the power of conversation in driving commerce. He emphasized that people influence people and that authentic, educational, and inspiring conversations on LinkedIn can lead to significant business growth.

The Power of Conversation: A Case Study

Brad shared a real-world example of how one of his clients, Kate, transformed her LinkedIn presence by implementing his strategies. Initially, Kate was relatively unknown in her industry. However, by consistently creating valuable content and engaging in meaningful conversations, she became a top influencer in her space. Impressively, a third of her revenue now comes from LinkedIn, demonstrating the platform’s potential for driving organic leads and business growth.

Key takeaway: People influence people. Authentic, educational, and inspiring conversations on LinkedIn can lead to significant business growth.

Tools to streamline your LinkedIn growth:

  • Dripify: Utilize automation tools to streamline your LinkedIn efforts and maximize your impact.
  • Jessica: Save time and maintain consistent content output. Consider using this hands-off content creation assistant designed by experts for experts to create authentic content.

Measuring Success and Staying Committed

Establishing thought leadership on LinkedIn is a long-term strategy that requires consistency and commitment. Brad advised attendees to view the platform as a new form of SEO, measuring success over the course of a year rather than expecting immediate results.

Brad highlighted the importance of tracking performance using tools like Shield, which allows users to see how their posts are performing and benchmark their growth over time. By analyzing what works and what doesn’t, experts can optimize their strategy and continuously improve their LinkedIn presence.

He also emphasized the need for patience and persistence, acknowledging that it may take a quarter or two to see significant results. However, he assured attendees that the effort is well worth it, as a strong LinkedIn presence can lead to increased visibility, credibility, and business growth.

From Silent and Unknown to Industry Standout

Brad Zomick’s keynote at the NYC Meet Up for Experts provided attendees with invaluable insights and strategies for mastering a LinkedIn presence and establishing thought leadership in their niches. By focusing on building intentional connections, creating valuable content, and engaging in meaningful conversations, experts can transform their LinkedIn presence into a powerful tool for business growth.

Consistency, persistence, and a commitment to providing value are key to success on LinkedIn. With the help of content creation tools built specifically for thought leadership – like Jessica – experts can streamline their content creation efforts and amplify their expertise, ultimately attracting organic leads and achieving their professional goals.

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Watch the Full NYC Meet Up for Experts Event Replay

Beyond Brad Zomick’s thought-provoking keynote, the NYC Meet Up for Experts brought together a powerhouse lineup of speakers. Each one shared their unique insights on personal branding and thought leadership, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with actionable strategies.

Netanel Baruch, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Queue. Netanel introduced a powerful formula for building online authority, which consists of three key components: profile optimization, strategic connections, and content creation. His passion for empowering thought leaders set the stage for an evening filled with invaluable insights and practical strategies for building online authority.

Matt Cretzman, the dynamic Founder of Stormbreaker Digital, shared his powerful story of resilience and purposeful network building. Matt provided actionable strategies for list building, AI personalization, and fostering genuine relationships, leaving an indelible mark on everyone present.

Kim Rittberg, the brilliant Founder of Henry Street Media, captivated the audience with her infectious energy and “4 S’s” approach to thought leadership through video and podcasts. Kim empowered attendees to embrace visibility, simplify their message, showcase their unique strengths, and sell without being salesy.

David Berkowitz, the visionary Founder of the AI Marketers Guild (AIMG), delivered a thought-provoking presentation on building communities and navigating the sometimes uncomfortable world of thought leadership. David encouraged attendees to step outside their comfort zones and create content that truly resonates with their target audience.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from these incredible thought leaders. Watch the full NYC Meet Up for Experts event replay now and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies to help you become a go-to authority in your niche.


Jake McMahon

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