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Establish authority online by answering questions within your area of expertise that drive your target audience to take action.

Collecting from

How does it work?

By using questions and answers, Queue’s streamlined platform enables teams and individuals to share their knowledge and develop authority online.

Why do questions matter?

We source questions across Quora, Reddit, Google, Twitter, and others, where your answer will make a difference. The value you provide will build trust with a customer and help them along their journey.

Using Queue’s AI technology, you can create original, creative answers at 5x the speed as writing them.

Mesure, optimize, repeat

Measure the effectiveness of every piece of content published and get suggestions for new ones based on previous performance.

QOR (Question Opportunity Ranking) is an in-house algorithm that calculates a question’s marketing potential with a score from 1 to 5 stars. QOR score measures whether it’s worth your time and effort to create amazing content for a specific question.

Results you’ll see

Relevant, conversion oriented ideas

66% of decision makers said they engage and trust content that's related to their field of work.

A content eco-system

Use Queue to leverage any Q&A into a new post, blog, article, or video.

Influence, that's short & snackible

55% of managers said their preferred method of thought leadership can be digested in a few minutes

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