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Frequently Asked Questions

To access the AI assistant tool for experts, follow these steps: 

  1. Download Q-Stats from the Google Chrome Store 
  2. Upgrade your Q-Stats to a premium version – see our packages here
  3. Once upgraded, the AI assitant will appear automatically

Simply highlight the section of text you’d like to optimize, and the AI assistant will appear. 

Next, choose how you’d like to optimize your content

We have 3 different settings – expert, proofreading, and expand – that should cater to all your content needs. 

Yes, currently you can only enable our AI assistant on Quora. 

However, we’ll soon be expanding to different Q&A websites, and as an addition to our larger SaaS solution. 

The AI assistant is perfect for any company whose looking to provide value about their industry, or any expert trying to create thought-leadership around their brand. 

Our goal is to give experts of all kinds the confidence and determination to put forth their best content possible. Also, content that’ll contribute to more engagement – meaning views, upvotes, clicks, etc. 

To anyone who wants to boost their content performance and grow their brand, our AI assistant is for you. 

We’ve worked with the top global brands in helping them create authority on Q&A sites like Quora. 

We’ve found that providing valuable content is essential to –

    • Gain the trust of your target customer 
    • Receive higher click-through-rates and impressions 
    • A higher likelihood that a user will convert in a purchase decision 
    • Ensuring the questions of your target customer are met
    • Demonstrating your brand as an authority figure in your niche

If you truly want to make a name for yourself on Quora, make sure your answers meet these core items –

    • Answers that have 500+ words 
    • Creatives (images, gifs, charts, data visualizations, etc.) 
    • Attention to readability (headers, bullet points, numbering, etc.) 
    • An authentic tone of voice 
    • Well described links 
    • Strong use of  grammar 

Our AI assistant will not only help you do these things, but will make sure your content is ready for people to take action. 



$19 / month
  • AI Assistant for Experts
  • Unlimited use of Q-Stats
  • Unlimited use of Q-Finder
  • 24/7 support

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We are a global agency and SaaS company that helps brands identify their audience’s questions, and answers them with valuable content.

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