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Become an authority in your field

Queue helps you establish expert authority by answering high-intent audiences’ questions at scale

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Find the Right Questions to Answer

Get high-value questions collected and conveniently displayed on a single, intuitive dashboard – forget about the guesswork.

Answer questions at scale

Using Queue’s personalized AI, you can create original, creative answers that are tailored to your unique voice.

Measure Results

Identify which questions received the most exposure simply. Queue automatically collects metrics and presents them on a single, intuitive dashboard.

Maximize & Scale Success

Get new suggestions based on questions that have made the most impact on your goals, whether that led to more signups, sales, connections, or an exposure boost.

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Business Owners, Marketers and Agencies, and Industry Authorities of every size, across all business verticals rely on Queue to take control of their personal branding.


Queue user most frequently asked questions

We cut through today’s complexity and use innovative AI technology to deliver clear results, seamlessly.

As of now, Queue's main focus point is Quora. Quora is severely underrated. High-intent buyers are actively looking for solutions by asking more than 3000 questions each day. Queue enables you to generate high-quality answers to those questions automatically. Soon, Queue will expand to other social platforms, blogs, and more.

To tailor the opportunities for your specific business needs, we will ask a few questions during the registration process. If you complete the registration questionnaire completely, a personalized feed will be created to match your products, services, and goals.

You will be receiving suggestions for questions to answer every day from people seeking solutions to their problems. Queue enables you to position yourself as an authority by answering these questions automatically. Queue also identifies the most trending questions, ensuring your answers get lots of views, thus building your credibility and attracting new customers.

People that read your answers and recognize you as an authority in the field are likely to want to read more - and here you are - once you position yourself as the first answer to the right question, you will consistently get highly relevant website traffic from high-intent customers.

A paid subscription includes all of the following functions: finding an opportunity, writing answers, and measuring; however, each package is unique in terms of the quantity and quality of services we offer according to the price. However, getting started is free, with no commitment, cancel any time.


Queue is an AI-powered marketing channel that grows with you

Build Thought Leadership
By focusing on topics that interest your audience most, Answer-Base-Marketing assists you in becoming a recognized go-to authority in your niche.
Scale Up Content Creation
Produce custom content for answers within seconds using using the automated creativity tool. You can build your credibility fast even if starting from point 0 by connecting with your audience where they are.
Drive High Quality Traffic
Queue's answer-based marketing platform allows you to engage high intent buyers, and create value for them based on their interests.
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