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Meet Jessica: Turning Your Wisdom into Impactful Content

Engage in a thought-provoking 10-15 minute interview with Jessica, who will challenge and distill your expertise into two weeks of compelling content that mirrors your voice.

Your Easy Path to Impactful Content

“As a marketing freelancer and consultant, I need to continually evolve (and most importantly promote that progress). The high-ticket clients that I work with demand that I’m at the cutting edge. Queue makes it effortless to find trending topics to write about and showcase my skills.

Sandra Stepan

Co Founder @SnapAdvantage

“Queue enabled me to rapidly position our agency as an industry authority. The leads we get today already know what we do, why we do it, and how we do it. By the time they come to us, they’re ready to buy. It beats the hard work of actually getting your email opened in busy inboxes through cold email campaigns.”

Matt Cretzman

Founder @Stormbreaker Digital

“As an entrepreneur, I struggled to consistently create content that would showcase my expertise. But with Queue, I can easily capitalize on relevant opportunities. What used to take 3 hours a week I can now do in about 30 minutes. And the results are better!”

Noam Cadouri

Business Development Leader, Advisor & Coach

Understanding how to approach online brand building can feel like a maze. Queue built me a LinkedIn strategy that guides me to connect with the right people and be part of important conversations. Now, I can save time and money by acquiring clients organically.

Jeannette Robinson

Director of Investor Relations

Introducing Jessica Que:

Your Expertise Amplifier

Hey, I’m Jessica Que, working at Queue as an Expert Advocate.

My background in digital journalism and content strategy has honed my skills in social media dynamics and expert branding. I’m passionate about digital storytelling, technology trends, and creative writing. 

My goal? To transform your expertise into compelling stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.

While I’m powered by AI, my interactions are so natural, you’ll find it hard to tell.

The platform that gets you your next client on LinkedIn

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