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What a great event indeed – superbly organized! I had a lot of fun! When do you plan to do the next one 😉
Frederike Falke
B2B SaaS Expert
What. A. Night! Thrilled to have been a part of the impeccable brain share in that room.

Emily Friend
Marketing & PR Expert
Had a blast, seriously, and congrats on the great event! The pre/post networking was tops!

Adam Kurzawa
Business Development Executive

Brad Zomick: Mastering LinkedIn

With a blend of humor and practicality, charismatic founder of Spectamur, Brad, unveils his growth hacking strategy for LinkedIn.

  • The Three C's of LinkedIn Success: Focus on building connections, consistently create engaging content, and actively participate in discussions through comments.

  • Conversation Drives Commerce: Optimize activity for this simple but powerful realization. Conversation drives commerce.

  • Automation: Utilize tools like Dripify, Queue, and Aeware to streamline your LinkedIn engagement.

Kim Rittberg: Unleashing Your Video Potential

Henry Street Media founder Kim Rittberg, captivated the audience and revealed her signature 4 S's approach. Overcome your fears and embrace the power of video.

  • Show Up and Shine: Get the push you need to show your authenticity and expertise to attract your ideal audience.

  • Simplify Your Message: Learn how to distill your content into clear, concise ideas that pop with your viewers.

  • Educate, Don't Sell: Learn how to build trust & credibility will naturally lead to increased business opportunities.

Netanel Baruch: Authentic AI

Visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Queue. His insights will help you become 2x more productive on LinkedIn while dialling up the authenticity.

  • AI: Utilize AI-powered tools to become more productive.

  • Authority: A simple formula to generate and capture more ideal opportunities.

  • Authenticity: Amplify your unique voice and insights to build credibility and scale your thought leadership.

Matt Cretzman: Building Relationships

The dynamic Leadstorm AI Founder shared a powerful story of resilience and the importance of intentional connection.

  • Uncover Your Audience: No more generic outreach. Learn how to uncover your ideal client's demographics, interests, and challenges.

  • Personalization: The data and automation tools you need to personalize your outreach messages & content.

  • Relationships, Not Just Lists:Learn how Matt attracts connections that lead to million-dollar projects & life-changing opportunities.

David Berkowitz: AI Marketing

Founder of the AI Marketers Guild (AIMG), David Berkowitz, leads a thought-provoking discussion on essential AI marketing lessons for business leaders.

  • Start with Purpose: Discover how to provide value to your community without creating a vanity project.

  • The Power of "So What?": Uncover what it takes to overcome the "so what" factor – build a compelling reason for your target audience to care and engage.

  • Embrace Discomfort: Discover the challenges you need to overcome to build a community and establish thought leadership.

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