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00:00:00 – 00:04:44 – Introduction
00:04:44 – 00:14:20 – AI & Authenticity in Building Online Personal Branding
00:14:20 – 00:24:20 – Brad Zomick: Key Strategies for LinkedIn Growth
00:24:20 – 00:34:20 – Matt Cretzman: The Importance of Relationships and Networking
00:34:20 – 00:45:20 – Kim Rittberg: Perfecting Video Content with the 4-S Framework
00:45:20 – 00:54:25 – David Berkowitz: Adaptability in the Age of AI
00:54:25 – 00:55:58 – Closing Remarks and Sponsor Acknowledgments


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Netanel Baruch

Brad Zomick

Kim Rittberg

Matt Cretzman

David Berkowitz

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