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Queue connection feature displaying potential client profiles including Nela Canovic, Amanda Brown, Ross Pitterson, and Sander Toriss.

Expanding your client base is critical for business growth. However, identifying and connecting with high-potential leads can be challenging and time-consuming. Rather than spend hours per week trying to find the right people to connect with (or worse, sending scattershot connection requests hoping for results) – Queue offers an innovative AI-powered solution to help you discover and connect with ideal customers on LinkedIn. In this article, we’ll walk you through leveraging Queue to land new clients.

Connecting with the right people (those likely to become your next customer) on LinkedIn has never been easier. It’s as simple as one, two, three.

  • First, choose a lead from your Growth Plan.
  • Second, choose an AI-icebreaker to send (or create your own based on the information Queue gathers from their profile for you).
  • Third, hit send and get connected the right way. 

Queue takes the time and effort out of researching prospects. Ditch the awkwardness of trying to build real business relationships with generic & boring connection requests (because first impressions matter.) 

1. Choose a Queue Identified High-Potential Lead

Queue helps you pinpoint prospects that align with your target customer profile (people likely to become your next customer.)

The platform analyzes LinkedIn profiles and activities to determine which connections express intent and interest in solutions like yours. These high-potential leads are added to your Growth Plan dashboard for easy access and engagement.

Queue 'Make Connections' feature interface showing a section for 'Connect With the Right Audience to Grow Your Network' with potential customer Nela Canovic highlighted, including her title as Data Scientist in MarTech and a prompt to connect with her."

With Queue, you don’t need to spend hours combing through LinkedIn searching for the right people. Our AI recommendation engine does the work for you, serving up a regular list of promising prospects for you to connect with.

When setting up your Queue account, Queue helps you outline target buyer titles, companies, locations, responsibilities, and more. This gives our AI the information it needs to go out and uncover top business opportunities for you.

Optimize the Leads You Receive: Adjust Your Targeting

Your focus adapts, and businesses evolve. If your ideal customer profile changes, update the information in your Settings. Queue then refines your Growth Plan’s suggested content topics, connections, and discussions.

For example, perhaps you initially sought out small business owners but now aim to nurture Fortune 500 partnerships. Or perhaps your focus in the first half of the year was scaling one offer that suited a specific target market, and your focus in the second half is now targeting a completely different persona with a new offer. Queue makes pivoting your thought leadership focus achievable in minutes. This flexibility keeps your Growth Plan aligned with your needs.

2. Craft Personalized Connection Requests

Finding prospects is one thing, but effectively engaging them is another. Getting their attention the right way is vital to building new business relationships. Queue makes it easy by using AI to create customized connection requests for you.

For each recommended lead, Queue summarizes key details from their LinkedIn profile and recent activity. You can select from AI-generated icebreaker messages that leverage these insights to grab their attention. The icebreakers establish common ground, increasing the likelihood that your request will be accepted.

Pop-up window from Queue's platform showing a suggested icebreaker message for connecting with Nela, complimenting her post on B2B marketing trends and her volunteer work, with a 'CONNECT' button ready for action.

Queue saves you time crafting tailored messages. Personalizing like this manually would be impossible without a team of freelancers working all day to research LinkedIn profiles and write personalized messages for them. But then you’d have to manage them – which would still take longer than using Queue… 

You can either use the AI suggestions as-is, customize them further to fit your voice, or write your own (we provide key profile details for each lead right in your dashboard so you can get ideas for engagement.) 

3. Send and Connect

Queue has done the profiling, matching, and message creation for you — you just need to click send.

LinkedIn message interface showing a successful connection request sent to Nela Canovic, with a personalized AI-generated icebreaker message complimenting her post on B2B marketing trends and her volunteer work.

By leveraging Queue’s AI to identify and effectively engage high-potential prospects, you save significant time and see better connection rates. More relevant connections mean more fruitful conversations and, ultimately, more clients.

Getting Leads on LinkedIn Is Easy with Queue

Queue offers a simple but effective way to land new clients from LinkedIn organically. If you want to expand your customer base, Queue’s growth platform, fueled by AI, makes it easier to identify and connect with great-fit prospects. 

Sign up for a Free Trial of Queue today to take the first step toward landing your next customer.

Got questions? Write to us in the chat on our website (bottom right of the screen). We’ll be happy to help.