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Master LinkedIn: Diversify Your Content with Queue’s Guide to Post Styles

Tired of your LinkedIn posts falling flat? Queue helps you ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and craft engaging content that gets noticed.

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Jake McMahon

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Forget “one-size-fits-all” posts! Top creators on LinkedIn aren’t sticking to a single format. They’re captivating audiences with a strategic mix of styles, tailoring each post to its purpose and their audience’s preferences.

This guide walks you through the top styles used by the best creators on LinkedIn: Storytelling, Comparisons, Observations, Listicles, and Opinions. Each format unlocks unique engagement opportunities, helping you educate, inspire, and connect with your ideal audience.

Queue’s AI makes diversifying your content easier than ever. Pick a topic, choose to write yourself or seek AI suggestions, and select a post style. Queue will help capture your insights in your own voice and turn them into a polished, ready-to-publish post. Boom! 

Let’s dive into each post style. You will learn the top secrets of the best LinkedIn creators and experts for driving engagement and establishing thought leadership

1. Observation-Style Posts

An observation post objectively notices rising trends and occurrences without inserting an opinion. You can cite relevant data or research to call attention to patterns. This style is well-suited for sharing key insights from industry research or surveys to inform your audience about significant changes.

Observation style posts: 

  • Focus on noticing and highlighting objective data, facts, statistics, or research findings.
  • Allow you to inform your audience about significant industry changes, emerging trends, new research or data releases. 
  • Should include key elements such as cited data sources, a neutral tone without opinions, and drawing attention to patterns in factual information. 
An observation-style post in Queue's interface, indicating the trend of remote work, exemplifying how Queue aids in creating data-driven content at scale.

2. Storytelling Posts

Storytelling posts use narrative elements like plot, characters, conflicts, and resolution to detail a meaningful experience related to your industry. This style allows you to share key lessons, transformations, or growth moments from your career journey. Stories humanize your brand while allowing readers to connect emotionally.

Storytelling posts: 

  • Use narrative elements to share your experiences, lessons, transformations, or growth moments.
  • Can contain a plot, characters, conflicts, and resolution. 
  • Are perfect for achieving goals such as humanizing your brand and helping readers emotionally connect with your journey. 
  • Contain key elements such as a dramatic narrative arc and relatable themes & takeaways written in your authentic voice and from your point of view. 
Queue's platform displaying a storytelling-style post, highlighting how Queue facilitates crafting narrative content that resonates with audiences.

3. Compare & Contrast Posts

The compare and contrast format analyzes the relative strengths, weaknesses, and key differences between two elements in your profession. This style distills complex issues by spotlighting the pros and cons of various approaches, models, or methodologies.

Compare & contrast posts:

  • Spotlight relative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of different approaches, models, and methodologies.
  • Enable you to distill complex issues, weigh tradeoffs between options, and identify critical differences & similarities.
  • Key elements include a contrasting structure (A vs. B, this versus that), communicating your informed perspective, and a balanced and unbiased examination of multiple elements. 
A comparison-style post within Queue, showing how the platform supports analyzing and contrasting different concepts for engaging content.

4. List-Based Posts (Listicles)

List-based posts (listicles) use numerical lists, bullet points, or headings to deliver bite-sized, scannable tips, lessons, best practices, or other useful takeaways related to your niche. This format allows you to share value-focused skimmable content and actionable insights.

List-based posts: 

  • Present easy-to-digest tips, best practices, lessons, or takeaways in list format.
  • Allow you to share actionable tips & practical guidance, give recommendations, and organize advice for quick skimming. 
  • Include key elements such as – numerical lists or bullet points, bite-sized value items, and an easy-to-read scannable layout. 
A listicle-style post on Queue's interface, illustrating how Queue streamlines the creation of structured, easy-to-digest content for thought leaders.

5. Opinion Posts

Opinion posts assert your perspective on a trending issue, a new data release, or an industry development. This style enables you to take a firm stance and stimulate discussion by sharing your subjective vantage point. Opinion posts demonstrate thought leadership.

Opinion posts: 

  • Assert your subjective perspective on industry trends, issues, or developments. 
  • Enable you to establish thought leadership, stimulate meaningful discussions, and share your convictions & points of view. 
  • Include key elements such as a clear stance & opinion and your signature voice & viewpoint. They may even be controversial. 
An opinion-style post generated through Queue, showcasing how Queue's AI assists in formulating persuasive, opinionated content for industry leadership.

Become a go-to expert on LinkedIn 

With these posting format tips, you’re ready to create diverse content that makes an impact on LinkedIn. Don’t keep your expertise hidden – implement a strategic publishing plan to establish your thought leadership. 

Are your LinkedIn posts getting lost in the crowd? Break free from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ trap. Queue’s AI tools uncover the hottest industry discussions and trends from across the web, inside & outside your network, so you never miss a top opportunity again.

Then, Queue’s AI helps you craft diverse, compelling content that attracts your ideal audience in all of the formats you’ve learned about in this post.

It’s your turn to shine. Get the LinkedIn exposure you deserve – Sign up for a Free Trial of Queue today.

Got questions? Write to us in the chat on our website (bottom right of the screen). We’ll be happy to help.


Jake McMahon

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