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Unlock LinkedIn Success: Tracking Growth with Queue’s Custom Metrics

Master LinkedIn with Queue's advanced analytics. Our custom metrics reveal the key to genuine engagement and strategic growth.

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Jake McMahon

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LinkedIn already provides plenty of metrics. You can see how many likes, shares, and impressions your posts get. You can also see how your network is growing over time.

But these metrics miss many important aspects of what it actually takes to win on LinkedIn…

So, we at Queue spoke to top LinkedIn performers and uncovered what it is about their LinkedIn presence that makes them so great and what gives them their exposure and account growth. Then, we created our own custom metrics to measure the actions and data that really matter on LinkedIn.  

Queue's dashboard offers a snapshot of custom growth metrics for a LinkedIn career coach, displaying engagement, network relevancy, activity, and focus rates, enabling efficient tracking and improvement of online professional presence.

In this post, you’ll learn how to use Queue’s analytics dashboard to track your success on LinkedIn and discover what our custom metrics mean & what you can discover from them. 

  • Your Queue Level: A level (1-10) that defines your progress based on key LinkedIn data. Your goal is to level up by completing the actions in your Growth Plan each week. 
  • Your Queue Score: An overall score that tracks your success in growing your LinkedIn account. Think of it as zooming in on your Queue Level for a more detailed look. 
  • Metrics that Matter: Queue created four key metrics that matter more than any other for your success on LinkedIn. These are your Engagement Rate, Network Relevancy, Activity Rate, and Focus Rate. 

​​Let’s explore each of these in more detail. You’ll discover what makes Queue’s metrics a game changer for building a professional personal brand on LinkedIn.

Queue’s Metrics that Matter 

In this section, we’ll explore four key metrics crucial for measuring and improving your content’s performance on LinkedIn. 

Understanding these metrics will help you gauge how captivating your content is, the alignment of your network with your target audience, the consistency of your content output, and the relevance of your topics to your audience’s interests.

Engagement Rate

Measures how captivating your content is based on averages in your niche (compares you to your competition). A higher percentage means your insights consistently beat content published by your peers (you spark more reactions, comments, and discussions.) 

Low engagement rate: Compared to similar creators in your niche, your content struggles to spark reactions, comments, and discussions, indicating that your ideas resonate less with your audience.

High engagement rate: Your content consistently outperforms competitors, generating more interaction and showing your ideas resonate strongly with your target audience.

Queue dashboard snapshot highlighting Engagement Rate, assessing the user's content interaction levels against the average in their industry.

Queue helps you build your engagement rate, because it: 

  • Allows you to respond directly to both posts & individual comments in discussions.
  • Identifies the most popular and lively industry discussions for you to participate in.
  • Serves up trending content creation topics optimized for engagement.
  • Provides AI-powered suggested comments to join discussions easily.
  • Enables batch responses to all comments in a discussion thread.
  • Offers AI writing assistance to craft posts that drive reactions.
  • Gives AI-recommended publishing times for max visibility.

Sign up for a Free Trial of Queue today to unlock higher engagement on LinkedIn with a focused dashboard comprised of your top AI-identified opportunities.

Network Relevancy

Highlights the proportion of your connections that match your ideal customer profile. The more aligned your network is, the bigger your potential sales pipeline.

Low network relevancy: Very few of your connections align with your ideal client profile, limiting your potential client pool.

High network relevancy: Many of your connections match your ideal client profile, significantly expanding your potential sales pipeline.

Queue's Network Relevancy metric displayed, indicating how well a user's LinkedIn connections align with their target demographic or customer profile.

When you have low network relevancy, your performance on LinkedIn will suffer for several reasons: 

1. Organic Leads Dry Up: You attract the wrong eyeballs, leading to irrelevant connections and missed opportunities. Think cold calls instead of warm introductions.

2. Engagement Dives: Your content falls flat because it doesn’t resonate with your audience’s interests and pain points. Likes become tumbleweeds, and comments stay silent.

3. Growth Plan Goes Haywire: Mixed signals from diverse audiences cloud your data, making it difficult to optimize your Growth Plan for maximum impact.

By honing in on your ideal client profile, you unlock a world of benefits – You attract prospects who are genuinely interested in what you offer (building a warm lead pipeline), craft content that speaks directly to your audience’s interests, and optimize your strategy for laser-focused success.

Queue helps you increase your network relevancy with focused connection recommendations. Queue’s AI scours LinkedIn for connections that match your ideal customers & audience so you can get connected and build new business relationships.

Activity Rate

Compares your content output consistency against similar creators. Frequent, valuable sharing strengthens relationships and reach over time.

Low activity rate: You’re less visible compared to peers, reducing interaction and potentially hindering relationship building.

High activity rate: You consistently share valuable content, staying top-of-mind with your audience and nurturing stronger connections.

Queue dashboard metric showing Activity Rate, gauging user's frequency of posting and engagement in discussions relative to industry standards.

To stay top of mind, simply make Queue a regular part of your day. Build a habit, complete the actions in your Growth Plan, and level up your LinkedIn success. 

Focus Rate

This showcases how much of your content is hitting the mark with your audience. Are you posting regularly about the niche topics they care about most, or are you shooting from the hip with whatever you feel like talking about that day and missing the mark? 

Low focus rate: Throwing darts in the dark – your content scatters across topics, rarely hitting the “bullseye” of your audience’s interests. This dilutes impact and attracts limited engagement.

High: Sharpshooter status – you’ve identified your audience’s “bullseye” topics and consistently tailor content to resonate with them. This maximizes impact, attracts leads, and fuels growth.

Detail of Focus Rate metric on Queue's dashboard, measuring the relevance of user's LinkedIn activity to their strategic goals and audience interests.

Queue’s Growth Plan helps you consistently create content that resonates with your audience, building your Focus Rate over time.

Sign up for Queue free today and get your very own personalized Growth Plan to get the LinkedIn exposure your expertise deserves.

Queue Levels – Tracking Your Progress 

Have you ever wondered where you stand compared to other LinkedIn creators? Queue Levels help you answer that question. Simply connect your account during onboarding, and we’ll analyze your performance against similar creators, revealing your current LinkedIn level. Each level represents a stage in your journey, from budding voice to influential leader and, eventually, Rockstar!

Complete the tailored weekly Growth Plan we provide, and watch your Queue level rise as your impact grows.

There are ten distinct Queue Levels, split into four main groups (Emerging Voice, Niche Expert, Influential Voice, and Rockstar). Learn all about them below! 

Emerging Voice (1-3): Finding Your Spark

As an Emerging Voice, you’re a budding creator actively experimenting, finding your voice, and forming your niche. 

You’re building a consistent content habit, learning the ropes, and starting to share your perspectives. Embrace this learning phase – it’s the foundation for everything to come!

Niche Expert (4-6): Deepening Your Reach

As a Niche Expert, you’re a recognized player in your niche. You’ve honed your expertise, attracted a dedicated audience, and are actively expanding your network. 

This level is all about collaborating, learning from others, and exploring growth opportunities within your specialized area. 

Own your niche knowledge, connect with other authorities, and watch your influence grow!

Influential Voice (7-9): Shaping the Conversation

Congratulations! You’ve established yourself as a go-to resource in your field. 

Your content consistently sparks high engagement, and your audience looks to you for insights and guidance. 

This level is about scaling your impact, reaching new audiences, and collaborating with other influential voices. Share your expertise, leverage your platform, and lead the conversation within your industry.

Rockstar (10+): Reaching Icon Status

You’ve hit the apex! You’re a recognized thought leader, a trusted advisor, and an “expert’s expert.” This level signifies peak influence, lucrative business opportunities, and industry-wide recognition. 

Now it’s about maintaining your momentum, mentoring others, and using your platform to make a real difference. Stay authentic, continue innovating, and inspire the next generation of LinkedIn Rockstars!

No matter your current level, with the right tools, you can navigate LinkedIn success and reach your full potential to become the top go-to voice in your niche. 

Connect your LinkedIn account to Queue today to disover your Queue Level and access your personal LinkedIn report.

Become a Leading Voice on LinkedIn 

In this post, we’ve explored the key metrics that matter most on your LinkedIn journey: Engagement Rate, Network Relevancy, Activity Rate, and Focus Rate. By understanding these metrics and utilizing Queue’s insightful data and personalized Growth Plan, you can grow your exposure and bring in more organic leads.

Ready to ditch the guesswork and start building a powerful LinkedIn presence? Sign up for a Free Trial of Queue today & get the results your thought leadership deserves!

Queue gives you all the tools you need to win on LinkedIn: 

  • Uncover top trending topics: Uncover proven topics of interest for your audience from across the web. Know that your content will always make an impact. Create content in your tone of voice, fast, with AI suggestions. 
  • Discover hot industry discussions: Queue searches thousands of real-time conversations within and outside your network to find the best engagement opportunities for you. 
  • Uncover ideal leads on LinkedIn: Queue AI analyzes LinkedIn profiles and user activity to identify people likely to become your next customer. Get connected with fully personalized AI-icebreakers. 
  • Personalized growth plan: Tailored specifically for you, your Queue Growth Plan is full of top opportunities that will drive exposure and new business opportunities. 
  • Actionable insights: Gain valuable performance analytics to make informed decisions and accelerate your progress. Deep analytics optimize your Growth Plan for maximum impact. 

Sign up free today!

Got questions? Write to us in the chat on our website (bottom right of the screen). We’ll be happy to help.


Jake McMahon

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